iPhone 8 or Wait?

Episode 1426 (04:09)

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Leo says that he's like many Apple fans, trying to decide on whether to buy the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, or just wait. Leo says that he bought them because he wants to review them. Leo also says that most people are calling the iPhone X the "ex," not the 10. Leo says that you won't be able to get the iPhone X until probably next year due to parts shortages for the FaceID feature. So should you wait or buy the 8? There's no real rush to get the new iPhone. It's easy to skip a generation or two, and that way, when you get a new phone, you can experience an exponential bump in performance. But from generation to generation, it's not all that dramatic of an improvement.

People are also complaining about the "notch" in the iPhone X. Is the OLED screen really that much better? $100 better? Maybe not.

In addition, Leo's recommending waiting on updating to iOS 11 as many users are complaining about battery life issues and that their iPhones are a lot slower. He suggests waiting a few weeks for the bugs to shake out.