How can we quickly manage backups in the cloud?

Episode 1426 (2:10:18)

Jerry from Santa Monica, CA
DiskStation DS1817+

Jerry is a network admin for an print shop. Has a ton of data to manage. He backs up to a Drobo 8 drive NAS, but they're looking to go with a cloud solution. It would take months to backup to one, though. Is there a faster way to do it? Leo says that it takes so long because the upload speeds are always slower. It's better to send them an external drive that has all the backups on it. Carbonite is a good option. Amazon Glacier is another one.

Another thing to do is just keep hard drives off site and swap them out from time to time. He could also have a duplicate NAS off site and just keep them synced with incremental backups. He'll first sync them hardwired via Thunderbolt, and then they'll sync online with relative easy. Leo recommends Synology.

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