How can I disable the Bixby button on my Samsung phone?

Episode 1426 (36:20)

Chris from Colorado
Samsung Galaxy S8

Chris wants to know if he can disable the Bixby button on his Samsung Galaxy S8. Leo says that there wasn't a way to do this until recently. The latest firmware update allows it. Chris just has to press the Bixby button and then the Settings gear, and he can disable it. Leo wishes Samsung would let users reassign that button to something useful. Leo also says that mobile phones are so matured in their design now, that there isn't much that phone companies can do except add features that nobody really wants, like a Bixby button or removing the headphone jack for wireless headphones. Leo is also annoyed that Apple is getting rid of the finger print sensor in favor of FaceID. He says they're innovating by taking things out. Change for change's sake so people feel they need to buy the new one.