Cutting the Cord has Become More Popular

Episode 1425 (02:25)

Sling on Apple TV

Rich says that the most popular question he gets these days is on how to cut the cord and get rid of your cable or satellite connection. That shows a serious trend — 22 million cord cutters and 34 million "cord nevers." But it's also far more complicated and you really don't save any money by doing it. Live and local channels is also still a challenge, and there are multiple services:

  • Sling is the most popular. It has the most choices for channels. There's a DVR option as well. But the local channels are hit or miss and the interface is confusing.
  • DirecTV Now is next. You can log into all different apps, but it has no DVR and no local channels.
  • YouTube TV is an up and comer. It has local channels, and the app is great. It never buffers. But the selection of channels is only OK and they only have one package. Their DVR option is great. You do have to watch commercials, though.
  • Hulu TV and PlayStation Vue are also pretty good, but not widely known.

There is also a standalone device called Tablo, which gives you local channels and a DVR.