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Episode 1424 September 23, 2017

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Paul from Diamond Bar, CA Comments

Paul got a great deal on the iPhone 7, but now that the iPhone 8 is out, he's wondering if he should take it back and get the iPhone 8. Rich says that the iPhone 7 is a year old, and he'll only spend another $100 to get the iPhone 8. It'll be faster, have a better camera, and double the storage. It's definitely worth paying the extra money, and since he's within his two week return period, he should go for it. But Paul may also have to pay a restocking fee. So it's best to ask about that. He won't want to pay $50 for that mistake.

Watch Joe from New York Comments

Joe has a theory that Apple and other phone companies slow down our phones to motivate us to buy the newer, faster one. Rich says that it's just as fast as it was the day he bought it, but some of the apps he uses may be using more resources, which will slow down the performance.

Watch David from Logansport, IN Comments

David wants to know how he can print out the contact list from his iPhone. Rich says that the best way to do this would be to export his contacts as a CSV (comma separated values) file, and then he can open it into a spreadsheet like Excel. There may be an app that will do it for him, but if he uses Google contacts, he can export them from there.

There's a good app called Evercontact that will scan all the signatures in his emails and link those to his contacts, so he can populate all the extra data like phone and address. is pay service that would allow him to link his contacts to, and search the internet for, social media profiles and other data. There's also a free version.

Watch Norma from Georgia Comments

Norma is retired and has begun to cut expenses. She wants to hotspot her prepaid wireless internet to her iPad. Rich says companies don't usually allow that for prepaid mobile plans. He recommends giving a try.

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Watch Armondo from West Covina, CA Comments

Armondo has an iPhone 6 Plus. He's ready to upgrade but he's unsure if he should go for the iPhone 8 or wait a month for the iPhone X. Rich says that Armondo should save the money and go with the iPhone 8. He doesn't need the top of the line right now because it's a first model, and he'll be just as happy with the iPhone 8.

Watch Mike from Palm Springs, CA Comments

Mike wants to get a new laptop for doing presentations. Rich recommends a 2-in-1 laptop that allows him to bend the screen over so it can be used as a tablet. The best of the bunch is the Lenovo Yoga. It's a great business machine.

Watch Angelo from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Angelo wants to be able to rip old LPs and save them as MP3s. What is a good turntable out there that can handle that? He's getting overwhelmed with the choices. Rich says that ION Audio is the king of these, with the ability to rip to a computer or straight to a flash drive. That's where he'll want to go, and they're not that expensive.

Watch Todd from Temecula, CA Comments

Todd wants to know if there's a way to get cellular data on his Microsoft Surface Laptop. Should he just turn his iPhone into a hotspot? Rich says it depends on whether or not he can hotspot with his iPhone. He'll probably have to pay an additional fee with it. Rich favors a dedicated hotspot like the MiFi Card over turning the phone into a hotspot.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Alvis from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alvis has a MacBook Pro with a Kensington Lock. But on the new MacBook Pro, there's no way to use the lock to keep a new MacBook secure. Rich says that he can stick a third party hoop onto the laptop. There's also a USB lock that could work. But then again, the USB-C port means he can't do that either.

The chatroom suggests for ways to lock up his system, and most are third party solutions.

Watch Ron from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Ron has an iPhone 7 and when he asks Siri to call someone, sometimes she gets it right, sometimes she doesn't because he has to unlock his phone first. Rich says that there are a couple of settings in the Siri tab that has to do with authorization and contacts. It has to do with privacy and security. He can enable "Allow Siri while locked" if the phone is locked. He can also go through the process of setting up his "Hey Siri" voice by disabling, and re-enabling Siri in Settings.

Watch David from Los Angeles, CA Comments

David has a bunch of hard drives he wants to back up online in the cloud. Rich says that Amazon AWS Cloud Storage is probably the best solution. He won't want to upload to the cloud per se. Amazon will send him a container to ship the hard drives to them.

Watch Todd from San Diego, CA Comments

Todd has a Dell laptop running Windows 8. He recently upgraded to Windows 10 and now he's having issues with the laptop crashing and he can't restore it. It won't even do a factory reset. Dell also no longer has Windows 8 discs that he can restore the OS from. Rich says that getting a clean install of Windows is the most important thing. He recommends getting a Windows 10 disc, like downloading the media creation tool and using that from a friend's computer. Then install that. He could also buy Windows 8 on eBay. It's also best to format his hard drive first. That's why a back up of the computer as a disc image is important. It may also be time to get a new laptop or replace the hard drive.

Watch Jonathan from Long Beach, CA Comments

Jonathan wants to know how he can find his Apple TV remote. He's frustrated because he loses it all the time. Rich says it's almost always in a seat cushion. The good thing is that iOS 11 supports the Apple TV remote natively, so if he's installed iOS 11, he'll be able to control his Apple TV from Control Center on his phone.

Another option is to get Tile, which is a tracker that will enable him to find anything he puts it on. There's also Trackr, which does the same thing. Sideclick is another one.

(Disclaimer: Trackr is a sponsor)

Watch Steve from New Jersey Comments

The left speaker on Steve's computer stopped working. He replaced the speaker, replaced the cables, updated the drivers, and even used Linux on a USB stick. None of that worked. What's left? Rich says to try plugging a headphone into the jack to see if that works. Steve thinks that besides the drivers, he thinks that it's still a software issue. He should look at the speaker settings, and should try a different USB plug.