Is there a desktop version of a Chromebook?

Episode 1423 (1:27:18)

Glen from Woodland Hills, CA
Acer Chromebase

Glen wants to know if he can get a desktop version of a Chromebook. Leo says yes he can. It's called a ChromeBox or ChromeBase. But it won't offer the Android store like the Chromebook does because it requires a touchscreen. LG makes the ChromeBase and Acer makes a 24" All-in-One. There's also a ChromeBit from ASUS, which is an HDMI stick that Glen could plug into his TV with a Bluetooth keyboard.

If Glen can live on the internet through a browser for everything he does, then a Chromebox or Chromebase is for him. They're becoming wildly popular with schools, too. He can even put together his own Chromebook with an old laptop and Cloud Ready.