What computer should I buy?

Episode 1422 (41:46)

Sylvia from Lake Forest, CA

Sylvia wants to get a new computer but can't decide between a laptop and a desktop. Leo says that in general, a desktop is best for business. A laptop is for personal use. Since Sylvia does video and photo editing, she also should get Adobe's Creative Cloud. She'll also need a minimum of 16GB of RAM, but for video, 32 would be even better.

Leo also says that if she's going to spend the money, its better to spend more on a GPU (graphics processing unit) rather than the CPU. She should still get a quad core i7, though, and just spend extra on the GPU. She'll also want an SSD and Thunderbolt 3. Leo recommends Dell, but ASUS makes good ones as well. A screen with DCI P3 or SRGB standard. She'll probably spend about $2,000 when all is said and done.