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Episode 1420 September 9, 2017

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Audience Questions

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Watch Brad from Corning Comments

Brad's mother has been getting calls from "Microsoft" saying that her computer may be hacked. Is that legit? Leo says it's a scam. They use a robot dialer to randomly call numbers out of the phone book and will try and get victims to install something or give them remote access to the computer. Once they have that, the game is up. Microsoft will NEVER call you.

Watch Bill from Mexico Comments

Bill is having trouble dialing phone numbers with T-Mobile where he lives, but he can still receive calls. Leo says that because Bill lives in Mexico, it's likely that he has to add the country code, known as 11 digit calling, in order for the call to be properly routed. Otherwise, it won't work.

Watch Andy from Georgia Comments

Andy is having issues with opening Word from the desktop icon in Windows. Leo says to type Windows Key plus "WORD" and see if it launches. If it does, that means his desktop icon is corrupted. Leo advises to just delete the icon and create a new shortcut. Additionally, one can pin it to the task bar and start menu.

Watch Ceres from California Comments

Ceres wants a tablet for her daughter that won't break in 20 minutes. Leo says that Amazon has a tablet called the Fire Kids Edition tablet. Users can download Netflix content to the tablet, and there are very good parental controls, plus a kid-safe browser. It is great for ages 3-12, contains books/games. and costs $90.

Watch Richard from Lancaster, PA Comments

Richard is disabled and wants to get into coding to get off the ground. Leo says to start at or

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Watch Joe from Phoenix Comments

Joe is 76 years old and is ready to buy a new computer. General purpose computers can do anything, but they are often over powered and can be security nightmares for those who don't need a lot of performance. So Leo recommends a tablet or a Chromebook. They are relatively secure and very affordable.

Watch Mike from California Comments

Mike is building a new machine, using a lot of his old PC parts, but upgrading the mother board. Unfortunately, he can't reinstall Windows because the computer can't read the product key. What gives? Leo says it should install, even if it doesn't activate. That will give him 30 days to activate it. He also may want to try Rufus, another free media creation tool that will create a Windows install. Mike likely has a faulty USB key that is causing installation to have issues. It may also be that Mike has made so many changes to his PC build that, to Microsoft, Mike seemingly has a new computer and needs to buy another version of Windows. Leo says to call Microsoft and ask them to transfer the activation to the machine.

Watch David from Santa Ana, CA Comments

David's mother received a call from a scammer that asked for her Admin password, which she gave out. After that, they deactivated David's admin account. Leo says the computer is compromised and recommends reinstalling Windows while educating his mother about scammers and sensitive information.

Watch Pam from Realto, CA Comments

Pam used to use Adobe Streamline to scan line drawings, but Leo says it's been discontinued. What are her alternatives? Leo says that Adobe put that feature into Adobe Illustrator, now called Image Trace. Customers have to subscribe to Creative Cloud to get it, and that has a monthly fee. Other options include CorelDRAW and Xara Extreme. Finally, a good open source free option is INKSCAPE.

Watch Jeffrey from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Jeffrey asks Leo if "coding" is the same as what he used to call "programming" back in high school. Leo says it is, and theorizes about the new mindset in modern computer programming.

Watch Brian from New York Comments

Brian is looking to get a new Intel 8th-gen Core laptop. Leo says that the last few generations of processors really haven't had much of a boost in performance, making it really difficult to justify buying a new PC just for the processor. But if one needs a new PC, Leo recommends the Thinkpad X1 Yoga. It's a 2-in-1 that allows customers to turn it into a tablet.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Carrie from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Comments

Carrie is an Apple fan and she's looking to get a new iPhone. When will the new one come out? Leo says September 12th will be the announcement and expects preorders on the 15th, along with a very short supply. There's also likely going to be three different models expected to be revealed.