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Watch Michael from San Juan Capistrano, CA Comments

Michael put up an HDTV antenna, and for eight months he saved hundreds over a cable bill. Leo says it's also a lot better because it's not compressed. He used it on his new 65" HD TV. But his tuner died. What does Leo recommend to replace the bad tuner he had? Leo says that Hauppauge has one. Most of the tuners are mostly commodity brands. Leo's guessing that there's one factory in China that makes them and slaps different nameplates on them. Leo recommends going to They are a good low-cost source for this kind of gear, but will also provide support.

Silicon Dust has an OTA broadcast tuner, as does ChannelMaster with their DVR. Those are the three best options.

John from Oxnard called in to say that TiVo has finally come out with an over the air tuner/DVR in the TiVo Roamio. Leo says that TiVo is the best at DVRs, bar none, and it's about time they've gone over the air.

Watch Tim from Temecula, CA Comments

The battery from Tim's Surface Laptop is starting to swell. Leo says that indicates that the battery is about to fail. Tim wanted to call in to say that Microsoft's service was fantastic for him.

Watch John from Oxnard, CA Comments

John says that TiVo has finally come out with an over-the-air tuner/DVR called the TiVo Roamio. Leo says that TiVo is the best at DVRs, bar none, and it's about time it made an over-the-air product.

Watch Brian from Nashville, TN Comments

Brian wants to know if there's an easy way to search for things on his Mac. Leo says that CMD + spacebar will bring up spotlight search. He can just start typing and he'll find what he needs right away.

Brian also wants a central depository like Evernote for his desktop where he can tag things. There's a ton of choices including Google Keep, Simple Note, Bear, and Quip. Scrivener is a great option for researchers. Leo also says there's recipes on If This Then That ( that could work. Brian would also like a voice command option, and be able to save his data locally.

For a self-hosted option, Synology has an Evernote clone for their NAS. Turtl would work as well. The Chatroom says that is a good open source option that syncs, encrypts and backs up. It's cross-platform, too.

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Watch Gabby from Santa Rosa, CA Comments

Gabby is looking for a good smoker. Leo says that a Big Green Egg is his preference, but secret is the wood chips. He can even do that in his current BBQ. Gabby bought a Bluetooth thermometer that he can use with WiFi to extend the range or allow him to remotely check in. Leo says that Williams Sonoma has one called the Smart Thermometer 2 that works via WiFi with Android and iOS. The chatroom recommends ThermoWorks and the Tappacue.

Watch Joe from Knoxville, TN Comments

Joe uses Internet Explorer 11 for his surfing because of work, and he's having issues when trying to download an image. He gets tabs that popup when he hovers over the pictures. What is that? Leo says that's likely because of an extension and Leo recommends resetting his browser, which will remove all extensions.

The chatroom says that Internet Explorer has a display accelerator button on the selection menu that could be causing it. Leo advises going into Internet Options, then the Advanced tab. Then he should look at the browsing extensions and uncheck the ones he doesn't want.

Watch Brian from Indio, CA Comments

Brian wants to know if the Amazon Echo has Bluetooth support. Leo says yes. It's not easy to do, but it is possible to pair Bluetooth headphones to the Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Show.

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Watch Sharise from Lancaster, CA Comments

Sharise used to have a Samsung Note VII that she returned as requested. Now she hears that she could get a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition by trading in an older Note. She has a Note IV but they won't take it. Leo says that one option would be to go on eBay and buy a used Note V. Leo says that they are only selling in South Korea, but she could get it on eBay. They aren't cheap, though. It's only $4 less than a brand new Note 8. So why not just get a Note 8? She'd also need to go to to make sure that those phones use radio frequencies supported by the carrier.

Watch Jim from Orange County, CA Comments

Jim doesn't know if he should sell his Sonos stuff or wait. Leo says that there's going to be a Sonos event in the next month, and there's a new Play 5 speaker coming with voice command. So it wouldn't hurt to keep his powder dry until he knows what Sonos has in mind, and if they have new gear, the old gear will go down in price.

Watch Bruce from Pasadena, CA Comments

Bruce hears that the lifespan of lithium ion batteries get reduced by heat. Leo says that's correct, and right now it's really hot out. That's why phones will shut down when it gets too hot. It's a safety program to protect the battery from damage. So Bruce should keep his phone out of the sun. He shouldn't let them get any hotter than normal. Even during hot days, the shade will reduce the heat by at least 10 degrees. On the other end, he'll want to avoid extreme cold as well. It does the same thing.

Image: © Raimond Spekking / , via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Cecil from Hemet, CA Comments

Cecil has been dealing with issues with Spectrum and he's replaced the router. Can he replace the modem too? Leo says yes. He can buy his own modem and save himself a $10 a month rental charge in the process. He'll want to check with Spectrum to see what routers Spectrum supports, and based on those, he can buy his own. Most support the Surfboard DOCSIS III. There's also the NETGEAR Nighthawk.