Why doesn't Uber know where I'm at?

Episode 1417 (11:40)

George from Santa Monica, CA
Uber for iOS

George uses his iPad to call Uber, but they don't know where to pick him up. Leo says that's because the iPad doesn't have GPS. The app just has to ask for the address of where he is in order to find him. With a mobile phone, they would have his coordinates in the app. Without GPS, the app has to use other means to find his general location, usually it uses "WiFi triangulation," and that's not always very accurate. The app puts a pin where he is, and if it's using WiFi triangulation, the pin just goes close to where he is. The good news is he can move the pin in the app.

Another option could be that if he's getting Uber regularly from his home, he can set his home address in the user settings. The other option is to get an iPad that has a cellular data subscription, because that has a GPS chip built in. It'll cost him another $129 over the price of a WiFi iPad, but it may be worth it.