What should I get for my first smartphone?

Episode 1417 (1:37:32)

Gloria from Valley Village, CA
T-Mobile REVVL

Gloria wants to know about the cheap T-Mobile $30 plan. Leo says it's available, if she can find it. It's buried deep in T-Mobile's website under the prepaid plans. The easiest way to get to it is to google T-Mobile and $30 plan.

What phone should she buy for her first? Leo says that she shouldn't wait until the holidays because there are sales all the time. T-Mobile has the REVVL, which is $125, but they may give her one for free. She should go into T-Mobile's store, but she shouldn't tell them she wants the $30 plan first. The chatroom says that the $30 deal is only available through the website.

Another good budget option is the Motorola G5. It's under $200, and is quite good. The iPhone will be coming out soon now too, and many are offering free iPhone SEs with a two year commitment.