What should I get for a second phone?

Episode 1416 (1:29:32)

Al from Jacksonville, FL
LG V20

Al has an LG V20 Android phone and wants to know if he should get another one for a secondary device. Leo says that LG is about to come out with the LG V30. Al wants one that has a removable battery. Leo says that there isn't a popular phone that does removable batteries anymore. The drive for thinner mobile devices has pushed to get rid that feature.

Should Al repair his old Note IV then? Leo says he isn't sure it's worth paying to repair. However, he may be able to put it into recovery mode and fix it via rooting it with new firmware. It may not be a hardware issue at all. So he should head on over to XDA Developers and look up how to force it into recovery mode and then root it. If he can, then he can put the latest Android on it.

But at the end of the day, it's probably time to give up on wanting a removable battery.