How can I get better internet in my RV?

Episode 1416 (1:35:56)

Gregory from Anaheim, CA

Gregory has an RV and wants to know if he should get satellite for it that will give him faster WiFi. Leo says he could, but it would cost him a lot of money and would be a hassle to re-position the dish often. The future is in LTE, and it's also more affordable. Often times it's faster than home internet as well. He can get a WiFi device and he will then have access to over five different devices. Leo recommends Google Fi because it has three different ISPs on the same device and switches to the one that is better. And he can pay as he goes with it.
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Gregory also runs the Orange Apple Computer Club where they do all their meetings online. Leo says that's a great idea because these days people would go to a meeting if they didn't have to travel anywhere to attend.