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Episode 1416 August 26, 2017

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Audience Questions

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Watch Bob from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Bob and his wife are going on an around the world cruise for six months and they want to write a daily blog of their adventure. The problem he has is that it's difficult to upload video and photos for the blog. Leo says that will be the issue when using cruise line internet. It's very slow since it uses satellite. It's also not cheap. But many cruise lines are moving towards a service called VOOM, which is as fast as a home broadband connection. What Leo does is upload to Google Photos before he goes to bed. Then he could embed the photos in the morning. The benefit of doing this is that as people go to bed, the internet speed will get much faster because he won't be sharing the bandwidth with everyone using their phones during the day.

As for what affordable web service to use, Blogger is a good option because of its tight integration with Google Photos. Another option is to blog by email. If Bob's blog provider supports it, he can write an email to his blog, attach his photos, and it will do the rest. is another popular option, and it has a free tier as well.

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Watch Kent from Irvine, CA Comments

Kent bought a sound bar for his older Samsung TV. He uses a Chromecast and Roku Stick with it, but he can't get audio to work. Scott Wilkinson says that the optical out for the old Samsung is probably only for the TV's internal tuner since it's older than the advent of streaming media. There could be a setting in the menus, but he's better off going with HDMI input.

The bottom line is that he'll need to either upgrade his TV or get an AV receiver that will be able to take all the TV sources and route the audio properly. Getting a receiver would be much cheaper than a new TV. Kent can get a really good receiver for under $500. Denon is a good place to start.

Watch Jonathan from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

Jonathan is looking for a camera with voice control because he hates the menu structures. Leo says that cameras don't have the computing power to shoulder that. There are some cameras that he could connect to his smartphone, though. It would be great if it was possible to use voice control, though. Maybe that will be the next big thing.

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Watch Dale from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Dale says that the Fuji X-T2 and he says that most adjustments can be made without the menu settings. They have dials and buttons like the old days. Leo says that seems to be the trend now, going back to physical dials to make changes while shooting, and you can even reassign and program buttons for your most often used settings. It's mostly in higher end cameras, though. Leo says that they look like the old retro style film cameras and he loves that.

Dale also wants to back up his stuff with SuperDuper. Will it work with Time Machine? Leo says it will, but he's better off just getting rid of Time Machine and use Super Duper instead. It will format the Time Machine drive and back up his data. Then he can schedule it, and it will also have the benefit of being bootable. So if his internal drive dies, he can be back up and running in minutes.

Watch Terry from Long Beach, CA Comments

Terry wants to backup his home movies with Carbonite. He did it manually the first time, but will Carbonite automatically do it after the first time? Leo says that he'll have to pay extra for that feature, and he'll have to be sure his photo and video file folder is selected. They do it this way because video takes a very long time to backup. It will hog his bandwidth for quite awhile, all the time. Terry will also want to be sure he has plenty of bandwidth.

Leo recommends buying a pair of external drives and swapping them from time to time to back up his movies, and then bring it off site to work.

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Watch Al from Jacksonville, FL Comments

Al has an LG V20 Android phone and wants to know if he should get another one for a secondary device. Leo says that LG is about to come out with the LG V30. Al wants one that has a removable battery. Leo says that there isn't a popular phone that does removable batteries anymore. The drive for thinner mobile devices has pushed to get rid that feature.

Should Al repair his old Note IV then? Leo says he isn't sure it's worth paying to repair. However, he may be able to put it into recovery mode and fix it via rooting it with new firmware. It may not be a hardware issue at all. So he should head on over to XDA Developers and look up how to force it into recovery mode and then root it. If he can, then he can put the latest Android on it.

But at the end of the day, it's probably time to give up on wanting a removable battery.

Watch Gregory from Anaheim, CA Comments

Gregory has an RV and wants to know if he should get satellite for it that will give him faster WiFi. Leo says he could, but it would cost him a lot of money and would be a hassle to re-position the dish often. The future is in LTE, and it's also more affordable. Often times it's faster than home internet as well. He can get a WiFi device and he will then have access to over five different devices. Leo recommends Google Fi because it has three different ISPs on the same device and switches to the one that is better. And he can pay as he goes with it.
The Chatroom suggests visiting for tips and tricks.

Gregory also runs the Orange Apple Computer Club where they do all their meetings online. Leo says that's a great idea because these days people would go to a meeting if they didn't have to travel anywhere to attend.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Roger from Coosbay, OR Comments

Roger has an old Samsung Galaxy S7, which is now unlocked and carrier free. How will he get updates now? Leo says that he should still get updates from it, but in many cases they come through WiFi and not over the air. So if he's attached to WiFi with it, he should get the update directly from Samsung. That's how Apple does it, but he'll need to talk to his existing carrier to find out.

The chatroom says that he may have to use Samsung Kies, a software app for Windows that will give him the ability to find the available updates and push them to his phone.

Watch Joe from El Monte, CA Comments

Joe wants to know if he should buy Apple stock. Leo says he's the worst person to ask because 1) he doesn't buy tech stock to keep himself unbiased, and 2) he isn't an expert on stock and what to buy. Apple stock is high to begin with and what Apple is really into now is services, not really hardware. They're moving away from computers, too. Take away the iPhone, and Apple is in trouble.

Is there a better smartphone than the iPhone? Leo says that there are better phones out there, to be sure. Or at least comparable. But the next generation iPhone is going to be fantastic and according to recent studies, 70% of iPhone users won't make a switch to Android. That keeps Apple's engine rolling.

Watch Al from Murrieta, CA Comments

Al bought an old iMac G4 and wants to know if he can upgrade the software to Leopard. Leo says that the G4 is about 15 years old, and it may not support it because it's the old PowerPC chip. Leo recommends checking out He can look it up by serial number and it will tell him what software it can run. It's probably not going to be OS X.