What are my options for resetting my Windows 10 PC?

Episode 1415 (1:44:40)

Ray from LaGrange, GA
Windows 10 Start Menu

Ray got malware, so he backed up his computer and is wondering what his options are for resetting Windows 10. Leo says there are different levels of reset in the Windows 10 recovery menu. If he selects "Reset This PC," it will wipe out everything including his personal data and applications. If he chooses "Fresh Start," it will install a clean copy of the most recent version of Windows and uninstall any applications that didn't come with Windows, and will preserve his user data. This will probably get rid of most malware. There are still categories of malware this won't get rid of, however. Leo suggests starting with the "Fresh Start" option, and if that doesn't work, he should choose "Reset This PC" which will start over from scratch. After he does this, he should make sure Windows stays up to date.