Why is Chrome taking such a long time to load?

Episode 1414 (1:49:42)

Don from Victor, MT
Google Chrome

Don wants to know if it's possible to hack into a computer that's turned off. Leo says no, because it would have no connection to the internet at that point. It's not very useful that way.

Don also is having issues with his Chrome browser. He says it takes 15 minutes for everything to come back after he's closed out of Chrome or restarted his computer. Leo says that it's a common problem for the WiFi adapter to drop the connection and have to reacquire. It could be that Don's computer isn't sleeping — it's in hibernation. That's a terrible function that always has issues waking up. Leo advises going into his power settings and disabling hibernation. Don says he also has the issue when he just exits out of Chrome, though. Leo says to reset the browser as well. There could be something that is corrupt in his cache. Clearing Chrome out once in awhile is always a good thing, and Leo suspects that's where the problem is.

The chatroom points out that Google has a Chrome Cleanup Tool that will make sure his browser is healthy by scanning and removing extensions, toolbars, apps, and other things that could be causing the problem.