What's a good wireless home theater system?

Episode 1414 (36:03)

Jonathan from Scottsdale, AZ
Samsung HT-J5500W Home Theater System

Jonathan wants to link a Bluetooth speaker to his TV. Leo says the problem he's going to run into is latency, as the sound goes out of sync. Bose uses RF and it works quite well, but it's not cheap. The Bose SoundLink could be pretty good, but Leo says he'll have to be sure it's designed for AV, and he doesn't think they are. It's music only.

Leo says that it would be better to get a sound bar with surround speakers. Sonos is another option, but it's also a but pricey. Jonathan could get a sound bar with a wireless subwoofer and surround speakers, and they're very good at syncing audio and video. He should check out Samsung's wireless line. They're very good and more affordable.