Should I switch from Android to iPhone?

Episode 1414 (1:00:23)

Donna from West Lake Village, CA
Apple iPhone 7

Donna is looking to get a new mobile phone and she likes the Samsung Galaxy S8. But everyone else in her family wants her to get an iPhone instead. What should she do? Leo says that the advantage of getting an iPhone is that everyone can text her, and if she gets group messages, mixing Android and iOS can be problematic. Quality wise, they are the same. So if she goes with iPhone, she'll like it just fine. Since Donna also has an iPad, she'll feel right at home. There will be a new phone announced in about three weeks, so if she can wait, she really should. The current iPhones will be cheaper when the new models come out as well.

What about her pictures? Leo says to start using Google Photos and have it back up all of her photos, contacts, and calendar data. Then she can sync them to her new mobile phone very easily.