Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1414 (1:07:54)

Johnny Jet

Leo doesn't understand why people are rude while traveling. Johnny says that people are in a hurry, especially if their flights are delayed and they have to make a connection. But it doesn't make it right.

Travel Tip of the week - If you're flying on Monday, the solar eclipse could do severe damage to your eyes if you look at it from the plane. So make sure you have the right glasses, or simply pull down the shade of your window. There is a special flight that's going to chase the eclipse across the United States and they'll be providing proper glasses for the experience.

Travel Website of the week - The CDC Zika Virus Risk Map.

Travel App of the Week - Cafe Wifi. An app that tells you where there is free wifi where you're traveling. Just remember that in using a public WiFi hotspot, you should be using a VPN for security.