Amazon Recalls Glasses for Solar Eclipse

Episode 1414 (01:33)

Amazon has issued a recall alert and cancelled all orders for glasses told to view the upcoming solar eclipse. The glasses were counterfeit and has the proper ISO certification printed on the items, even though they weren't. Not knowing which ones were real and which were counterfeit on it's face, Amazon decided to cancel ALL sales and issue a recall.

Leo says that to be safe, users should go to the NASA Solar Eclipse Website to find out which are the proper glasses to get. They have a reputable dealer listing here -

Or you could also get #14 welding goggles. But by no means are you to look at the eclipse without protection. Doctor Mom says if you do, get to an emergency room or eye doctor immediately.

Brian in the Chatrooms says that NASA has an accessibility feature called Eclipse Soundscapes, which enables those who can't see to still enjoy the eclipse. There's even an app.