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Watch Alan from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Alan has had a bad experience with several cell providers and he doesn't know who to trust. T-Mobile shut down GSM, so he couldn't use his phone. He went to AT&T, and they gave him a data only contract, leaving him without the ability to call or get text messages. He also can't afford to buy a smartphone.

Leo says GSM still works, but the cell providers are gradually phasing out the old 2G and 3G towers. Leo says that if he goes into the T-Mobile store and ask that they replace his GSM phone with a workable LTE mobile device, they should give him a free phone to keep his business. He should be able to get a resolution. If they don't, Leo says the government subsidized mobile phone program is still running and he can get a free phone that way.

Watch Bill from Torrance, CA Comments

Bill says that exposed Xray film is good for viewing the solar eclipse and if you can find some wasted film from a doctor's office, you can use it. Leo doesn't recommend doing this, and viewers should consult the NASA Eclipse Website for how to properly and safely view it.

Watch Jason from Cooper, TX Comments

Jason wants to know if using a password manager on a mobile phone is a good idea. Leo says absolutely. It will keep track of all his passwords so all he needs to do is remember one. Leo likes Last Pass, but many iPhone users prefer 1Password. Both are equally good. There's also DashLane. Any of those three will do the job. He should just make sure he creates a difficult password to crack, but one that he can remember. He should use pneumonics. He should also turn on 2 factor authentication.

Watch Jonathan from Scottsdale, AZ Comments

Jonathan wants to link a Bluetooth speaker to his TV. Leo says the problem he's going to run into is latency, as the sound goes out of sync. Bose uses RF and it works quite well, but it's not cheap. The Bose SoundLink could be pretty good, but Leo says he'll have to be sure it's designed for AV, and he doesn't think they are. It's music only.

Leo says that it would be better to get a sound bar with surround speakers. Sonos is another option, but it's also a but pricey. Jonathan could get a sound bar with a wireless subwoofer and surround speakers, and they're very good at syncing audio and video. He should check out Samsung's wireless line. They're very good and more affordable.

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Watch Sam from Michigan Comments

Sam uses an iPad Pro and is a web developer. Is there a good Windows version of Coda to create apps for the Windows platform? Leo says that Atom is a good one, but it creates web apps and she'll need to have a browser built into her app. It would make it cross platform, though. Electron is the language. It also uses a lot of the tools that Coda does.

Sublime is another option, which is similar to Atom. The chatroom suggests Microsoft Visual Code Studio.

Watch Heidi from Escondido, CA Comments

Heidi got an old TV set for free, but she can't see the screen very well. Leo says that's probably because the LED backlight has died, and it would probably cost as much to fix as to just buy a new one. She could go into the settings and play with the monitor settings, as it could be just an adjustment. TVs are largely disposable now, though.

Bill calls in to say that if she needs to repair the TV, he recommends ARC TV in Burbank. They repair TVs of all ages.

Watch Donna from West Lake Village, CA Comments

Donna is looking to get a new mobile phone and she likes the Samsung Galaxy S8. But everyone else in her family wants her to get an iPhone instead. What should she do? Leo says that the advantage of getting an iPhone is that everyone can text her, and if she gets group messages, mixing Android and iOS can be problematic. Quality wise, they are the same. So if she goes with iPhone, she'll like it just fine. Since Donna also has an iPad, she'll feel right at home. There will be a new phone announced in about three weeks, so if she can wait, she really should. The current iPhones will be cheaper when the new models come out as well.

What about her pictures? Leo says to start using Google Photos and have it back up all of her photos, contacts, and calendar data. Then she can sync them to her new mobile phone very easily.

Watch Byron from Minnesota Comments

Byron helps seniors with technology and he suggests getting an iPhone and using dynamic type because it will make the fonts larger. They can also FaceTime with the grand kids. Leo says that accessibility on the iPhone is the best in the business.

Byron also wants to know how secure Apple Pages is. Leo says that while Apple does have security, they do have access to the data kept in the cloud and can unlock it and give to law enforcement if asked. He isn't sure it's "trust no one." And if they have a password recovery technique, they have the password. Apple's encryption is very good other than that. If he's storing in the cloud, he should try SpiderOak. That really is "trust no one" security.

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Watch Bill from California Comments

Bill says that when you need to repair a TV, he recommends ARC TV in Burbank. They repair TVs of all ages.

Watch Jerry from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Jerry wants to get his Samsung Note 4 mobile device repaired. It keeps booting. Leo says that mobile devices are now generally considered disposable. Leo says to try refreshing the phone. To do this, he should go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Restore to Factory Defaults. If that doesn't work, then he could try calling Samsung and ask if they would repair it. They'll really want him to buy a new phone, though.

Jerry can also try going to the XDA-Developers. He can look up the exact model of his phone and search for a custom ROM by rooting the phone. He will have to replace the boot loader, but it could be the solution he's looking for.

iFixIt has a Note IV repair site that can show him how to fix his phone with tips, parts, and tools.

Watch Kenneth from Topock, AZ Comments

Kenneth called in to say that he prefers Android's Talkback for accessibility over Apple's VoiceOver. All phones these days come with the software required for blind users, though.

Watch Don from Victor, MT Comments

Don wants to know if it's possible to hack into a computer that's turned off. Leo says no, because it would have no connection to the internet at that point. It's not very useful that way.

Don also is having issues with his Chrome browser. He says it takes 15 minutes for everything to come back after he's closed out of Chrome or restarted his computer. Leo says that it's a common problem for the WiFi adapter to drop the connection and have to reacquire. It could be that Don's computer isn't sleeping — it's in hibernation. That's a terrible function that always has issues waking up. Leo advises going into his power settings and disabling hibernation. Don says he also has the issue when he just exits out of Chrome, though. Leo says to reset the browser as well. There could be something that is corrupt in his cache. Clearing Chrome out once in awhile is always a good thing, and Leo suspects that's where the problem is.

The chatroom points out that Google has a Chrome Cleanup Tool that will make sure his browser is healthy by scanning and removing extensions, toolbars, apps, and other things that could be causing the problem.

Watch Robert from Pomona, CA Comments

Robert would like to save videos he sees on YouTube and download them. Leo says that there are dozens of online video downloader options out there for saving a video from YouTube:

Leo also says that if he is a YouTube Red subscriber, he'll get downloading as a perk.