Does Apple hardware support virtual reality?

Episode 1413 (38:33)

Sean from Toronto, Canada
Samsung Gear VR

Sean isn't sure about Virtual Reality. He used the Oculus Rift and thought it was really cool. But as an Apple User, he can't use it. Leo says that not only that — he can't use any virtual reality with Apple. It comes down to the high end video cards that are required, and Apple hasn't been serious about putting them in their computers.

Apple is working on something called ARKit, which will work with iPhone. It won't be anything like Oculus or the HTC Vive, though. If he waits, will Apple catch up? Leo says maybe. Of course, he could also go the Hackintosh route. Leo also says getting a Daydream compatible Android device could get him close to Oculus. He could also go with the Samsung Gear VR, which has Oculus technology built-in.