Can I stream from multiple locations with the HDHomeRun?

Episode 1413 (27:39)

Dem from The Netherlands

Dem has cable and he's been having a lot of digital artifacting and distortion. Could that be due to living too close to a cell tower? Leo says maybe, but then again, it could just be a software issue. He should try rebooting his box, check his connections, all of the things he can do himself. If he's still having that issue, then he can look to his cable company.

Dem also bought an HDHomeRun to stream and he wants to know if it will be better, and if he can control it with a universal remote. Leo says that the HDHomeRun is a good option. Can he use it with a Roku and control it in multiple locations? Leo says he could with FireTV or Apple TV via Plex or Kodi. There is an HDHomeRun app as well, so that would be the way to go.

Leo also recommends the NVIDIA Shield. It's very powerful. Chromecast won't work, nor will Roku. Amazon FireTV will, but Leo thinks he should go with the Shield. It's a bit expensive, though, at $200.