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Watch Susan from Torrance, CA Comments

Susan is worried that her boss at work can see her Facebook posts so she's changed her settings to friends only. Is that safe enough? Leo says that will work, however, Facebook does make mistakes and they do from time to time reset privacy settings without warning. Even Mark Zuckerberg's personal posts were outed by a glitch a few months back. So it's best to always consider a post she makes on social media to be out in the open.

Leo also says it would be a good idea to read up on her company's social media and internet policies. If she's using a company computer, they have the right and ability to read what she's doing, even if she's trying to post privately. They may have snooping software to look into that. So Susan should be aware of that as well.

Image By Facebook (internet) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Rick from El Cajon, CA Comments

Rick wants to know what alternatives he has to Google's Picasa. Leo says that since Google killed Picasa, they've moved all the tools and incorporated them into Google Photos. Leo says that it's very good and gives him the benefit of categorization and organization of his photos through facial recognition and machine learning.

Watch Dem from The Netherlands Comments

Dem has cable and he's been having a lot of digital artifacting and distortion. Could that be due to living too close to a cell tower? Leo says maybe, but then again, it could just be a software issue. He should try rebooting his box, check his connections, all of the things he can do himself. If he's still having that issue, then he can look to his cable company.

Dem also bought an HDHomeRun to stream and he wants to know if it will be better, and if he can control it with a universal remote. Leo says that the HDHomeRun is a good option. Can he use it with a Roku and control it in multiple locations? Leo says he could with FireTV or Apple TV via Plex or Kodi. There is an HDHomeRun app as well, so that would be the way to go.

Leo also recommends the NVIDIA Shield. It's very powerful. Chromecast won't work, nor will Roku. Amazon FireTV will, but Leo thinks he should go with the Shield. It's a bit expensive, though, at $200.

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Watch Sean from Toronto, Canada Comments

Sean isn't sure about Virtual Reality. He used the Oculus Rift and thought it was really cool. But as an Apple User, he can't use it. Leo says that not only that — he can't use any virtual reality with Apple. It comes down to the high end video cards that are required, and Apple hasn't been serious about putting them in their computers.

Apple is working on something called ARKit, which will work with iPhone. It won't be anything like Oculus or the HTC Vive, though. If he waits, will Apple catch up? Leo says maybe. Of course, he could also go the Hackintosh route. Leo also says getting a Daydream compatible Android device could get him close to Oculus. He could also go with the Samsung Gear VR, which has Oculus technology built-in.

Watch Bruce from Pasadena, CA Comments

Bruce is having issues dialing out with Google Voice. Leo says that if he's changed his ISP lately, that could have caused his issues. But Google has also made some changes to Google Hangouts, where you can only send texts to Google Fi customers through Voice.

Watch Joe from Covina, CA Comments

Joe gets emails from his brother and vice versa telling them to go to another site. Leo says that's a phishing scam using spam to do it. It's likely that the return address has been spoofed. We've seen this happen often with users of Yahoo mail.

ScooterX in the chatroom says that whoever clicks on the link in the email sends the same email to others in their contact list. So it may be that both have clicked on that link and sent it out.

AOL has a tech note on spoofing here.

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Watch Doctor Mom (Lilian) from Long Island, NY Comments

Doctor Mom calls in to say that Google Hangouts will send a text message to people, but not through Google Voice. So Leo says that makes it like WhatsApp, where it's app centric and can't cross into independent phone numbers via SMS.

Watch Larry from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Larry wants to know if sending messages via Facebook affect his data caps. Leo says it's a data only program, so that would be yes. But it's probably not going to affect his data usage by much. Messages from Facebook aren't SMS. They are data based messages. SMS messaging is on the way out. This is why carriers are readily offering unlimited texting plans.

Watch Michael from Ireland Comments

Michael uses Chromium as his main browser. Leo says there's not much of a difference between Chrome and Chromium. And it does a great job simulating the ChromeOS on a Linux computer.

Michael is also not getting any more updates with his Android phone and wants to get a new one that's affordable. Leo recommends the Motorola G5. It's a great phone with a decent camera (but not great). The Huawei Mate 9 is another option. Both are good phones for the budget minded.

Watch Kyle from Columbus, OH Comments

Kyle wants to know when the new "O" version of Android will be out. Leo says that Google has a beta program for Android O for recent Google Pixel and Nexus phones. Kyle can go to the Android Beta Developer Portal, opt in and get the Android O update in short order. If he doesn't like it, he can unenroll and roll back to Nougat via the OTA update. If he does, he should understand it will reboot and wipe his phone. So he should backup first.

Image by Calvin Hogg on Wikipedia via CC BY-SA 4.0

Watch Jane from Oregon Comments

Jane wants to know if it's WhatApp or WhatsApp. Leo says there's an "S," so it's WhatsApp. A clever way of saying "what's up?"

Jane is thinking of getting her first smart phone so she can use WhatsApp to make phone calls. Leo says that WhatsApp identifies users by their phone numbers, not their names. So when people ask to use WhatsApp to make a call, that means they want not only their phone number, but also their contact list. Facebook is doing that to cross reference contacts with Facebook contacts, but you can opt out of it when you sign up.

Can she use the desktop for WhatsApp instead of a phone? Leo says yes, she can use Mighty Text and it will fool it to think that she's using a phone.

Watch Mike from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mike used to use Word for DOS for writing screenplays, using stylesheets to handle formatting. Now he's trying to print his old files and he can't, even though he's loading it into Word for DOS. What can he do? Leo says that printing to DOS is fairly ancient. He can copy to LPT1 and print it, but it won't get him the results he wants. He may be able to import them into modern word. The Chatroom says he could try Microsoft Works as an intermediary, if he can find it.

Mike should try this from It's complicated, but it will allow him to open Word for DOS files into modern Word apps with the stylesheet.