Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1412 (23:22)

Scott Wilkinson

Is it worth waiting for a Dolby Vision TV? Scott says that some support HDR10 and some are starting to support Dolby Vision. HDR10 is open source, while Dolby Vision is licensed. But Dolby is much better in its high dynamic range because it uses more data. How do you get it? Scott says that only one external streaming device supports Dolby Vision at the moment and that's the Chromecast Ultra. The LG B6 OLED is also Dolby Vision capable.

Scott's guest on Home Theater Geeks this week is Bob Carver, whose new company is making tubed amps. Leo says that tubed amps are warmer and better sounding. Scott says it's also fun because the tubes light up and you can see them in Carver's design. But who's making tubes anymore? Scott says that Carver is getting his tubes from Russia, who have mastered tube manufacturing. Their military even uses them.