How can I port my number to a new ISP?

Episode 1412 (1:28:47)

Chuck from Pacoima, CA

Chuck's internet bill started to get really expensive so he's thinking of jumping over to Spectrum. Leo says we should all shop around to get the best deal and then get our ISP to match it. Also, Chuck should play hardball and ask they waive installation fees and upgrade his bandwidth.

The problem he's having is that Frontier won't release his phone number. Leo says that the FCC requires they release it by law. They have to do it within 24 hours. If they don't, he can lodge a complaint with the FCC. Leo also says the Public Utilities Commission should also get a letter.

What if he wants to go back though? He doesn't much care for Spectrum and if he ends up going back, then what? Doctor Mom says to call the office of the President at 866-511-1523 to lodge a complaint. The office of the executive has more power to address his complaint.