Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1412 (1:59:39)

Dick DeBartolo

Just in time for back-to-school, Dickie D has a gadget for students! Use just a tablet with this portable keyboard called the iClever Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard. It's a tri-folding, aluminum alloy keyboard with Bluetooth and 3-color backlight. And, as the company points out, it's for iOS, Windows PC, Tablets, and Smartphones. You have your choice of using it wirelessly via Bluetooth 3.0, or you can have a wired connection to ordinary USB-enabled devices. It's full size, and folds to fit easily in the included carry bag. You can select the backlight color from red, blue, or green, and adjust it with a bright or dim keystroke. Beware, though, using the LEDs cost you a lot of battery power. According to the company, the built-in 750mAh lithium battery will give you an uninterrupted working time of just 5 hours with the LEDs on, or 300 hours with them off. Charging time is said to be less than 4 hours, and the price is right at under $40.00. It got very good reviews on Amazon. It looks like you can buy a similar model without LED's for $29.99.

Buy the iClever Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard on Amazon ($39.99)

Also, Amazon is refunding the purchase price on Solar Eclipse glasses because there are so many counterfeits out there, you can't tell which is legit and which is the knockoff. They also recommend you NOT use them. Throw them away. Use welding glasses instead, and NEVER look directly into the sun.