How can I organize my files and music?

Episode 1411 (2:24:50)

G. Scott from Minnesota
Media Monkey

G. Scott wants to organize his computer backups. He's got duplicates everywhere and multiple files and versions. Leo says he used to worry about organization, but he decided it doesn't matter. He can just let go of it. He'll have multiple copies and that's a good thing. What he really wants is a definitive copy (known as the ground truth) that is off site, and the rest will be extras.

There are DeDupe apps that he can get that will analyze his files, especially music, and then delete duplicates. But he'll want to make sure they look at the contents, and not just the metadata. Leo recommends Media Monkey. It'll not only organize and separate duplicates, it will also load album art, metadata, and more. It's great for organizing music.