Are DJI Drones Spying on the Army?

Episode 1411 (59:56)

This week, the US Army issued a directive ordering soldiers to not use DJI drones and other UAVs due to cyber vulnerabilities and the potential for spying by the devices on the battlefield. DJI is shocked by the move without consultation. What would be the threat? Leo says that drones have radios and GPS, and often have internet connectivity. So it's possible that drones could be taken over by a third party and used for spying, especially for mapping terrain. But Leo says it's also likely there's could be a certain amount of paranoia at work here. The Army may know something we don't though because of the risk associated with battlefield operations. But could DJI drones spy on us? Leo doesn't think so. Your mobile devices and "internet of things" can be more of a threat.