Why does the Amazon Echo stop streaming?

Episode 1410 (2:01:03)

Tamar from Los Angeles, CA
Amazon Echo Dot

Tamar has an Amazon Echo Dot. She'll be listening to streaming radio and then it will just stop working. Leo says that he's had the same problem and it could be that it hears the word stop and stops. But it could also be that the stream stalls and the Echo gives up. Leo discovered that when he used the Echo Show and could see the error message. When a stream stops, it could be a random stop of the stream to force it to restart. This is largely due to having to pay royalties for music that they play. But if it's stopping suddenly and after just a few minutes, then that's not normal.

Tamar uses UVerse and Leo isn't a fan because it cuts out a lot. She should try listening to TuneIn or another streaming service to see if it happens. If it does, then it'll point to her internet connection. If it doesn't, then it's clear that the streaming radio app is doing it. Leo doesn't think it's the Dot. Leo's noticed that streaming stops and starts on the internet a lot these days. Reliability has started to become an issue.