How can I print directly on a CD?

Episode 1409 (19:31)

Micah from Portland, ME

Micah called in to talk about the last flight of the 747. Both Delta and United have decided to retire the iconic airliner, and this week they had their last domestic flights. They will still be used for international flights.

He also has to print CDs and needs a printer to do it. What are his options? Leo says that printing directly on the CD is nicer, because the label can become detached over time and damage the CD player. Epson is the last printer that can print directly to a CD. He ends up going through a lot of costly ink, much of which he doesn't really need. Is there a better way? Can the EcoTank printer do the job? Lightscribe printers were a good option, because they would etch it into the CD itself. But that isn't made anymore. Micah could get one on eBay, but the sad fact is that optical media like CDs are dying out in favor of streaming.

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