Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1408 (22:35)

Scott Wilkinson

This week was the Flat Panel Shoot Out for HDTVs, and Scott has the results. This year, the shootout took place in association with CE week and featured mostly flagship TVs in a head to head evaluation. All TVs were professionally calibrated and fed the same TV feed. Then professional colorists made the determination of what TVs were best. There was also a Sony 30" OLED Broadcast video monitor which was used as the standard to compare to. Scott says one TV, made by Westinghouse, couldn't be completely calibrated because it didn't have all the controls needed to create a calibration that was comparable to the others.

They also had three categories — the best for a dark room, a bright room, and streaming. The winner was the LG E7 OLED 4K TV, which took top honors in all three categories. The Sony A1E OLED was so close to the LG, it was nearly a tie. So it got honorable mention.

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