What's a good mobile projector?

Episode 1407 (1:33:39)

Jason from Lexington, KY
LG Minibeam PH550

Jason wants to know if there's a projector that's Bluetooth compatible with his smartphone and if they're good quality. Leo says that they've gotten pretty good. The real issue is going to be the brightness. He'll also want a flat screen or a good white wall. There's even paint he can get to paint his wall with that is reflective for a brighter image.

LG makes a good Pico projector that also has a TV tuner in it. It's called the LG Minibeam. It's the editor's choice by PC magazine. Philips, Magnasonic, and HP all make them as well. There's even an Android cellphone with a projector built in. It's called the S Pro Smart Projector. But Leo says the LG MiniBeam is the one he'll want. It's the brightest he can get.