Can I repair my TV?

Episode 1407 (1:23:12)

Sheila from Ontario, CA
Samsung HD TV

Sheila's TV died right after her warranty went out. They wanted several hundred dollars just to diagnose it. She can't even have a local place do it because they've gone out of business due to not getting any parts. Leo says the trend is now to make it albeit impossible to repair products, and there's a Right to Repair movement in many states to make repairability the law. But the sad fact is, in most cases a TV just isn't repairable or worth the money to fix. She'll be better off just getting a new one. However, Sheila's Samsung may be subject to recall. So she should fight for them to do the right thing and fix it. Samsung was sued by a class action lawsuit due to defects in 2012.

She also wants to do a tune up of her Mac. Leo says to only take it to Apple. She can do it herself by backing up her data, then formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the OS. That'll make it just like it does the first day she had it.