Why isn't Time Machine backing up my data?

Episode 1406 (54:44)

Brian from Orange County, CA
Super Duper

Brian is a wedding videographer and he's noticed that Time Machine hasn't been backing up his footage for about a year. Leo says that the first thing Brian should do is stop using Apple's Time Machine. It's terrible and everyone knows it. Leo says that Brian should rethink his strategy because he's a professional and It's even more important that he doesn't lose data. Leo advises reading Peter Krogh's DAM Book. He can also go to DPBestflow.org. He should look under resources. There's a whole chapter on backup and best practices. It suggests a 3-2-1 backup. Three copies on two different formats, with one off site.

An excellent program is SuperDuper. It'll make a bootable duplicate of his hard drive. It'll also do incremental backups.