How can I improve the WiFi in my house?

Episode 1406 (1:03:06)

Jose from Burbank, CA
TPLink AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender, AV1200 Powerline Edition

Jose has issues with WiFi reaching to the back bedroom in the house. He gets practically no signal at all on his phone back there either. He's told it would be a major issue to move his base station to make it better. What should he do? Leo says that it's a common problem that is largely due to congestion from everyone in the neighborhood. The key is to get an extender. He'll want one that's from the same company. It will cut his bandwidth in half, however, so that's not an ideal solution.

The better solution is to try powerline networking. It uses electrical wiring for his network. Leo recommends TPLink.

There's also a more expensive option called a mesh router system. Eero makes these and they come in packs of three. Then he'll use an app on his phone to choose where to put the other two stations, and they create a networked mesh that's fast. There are other similar products, like the Netgear Orbi. Plume is another mesh solution which is more affordable. Other options include the Linksys' Velop and Ubiquity Amplify.

(Disclaimer: Eero is a sponsor).