Should I buy a Chromebook?

Episode 1404 (36:45)

Rick from San Clemente, CA
Samsung Chromebook Plus

Rick is thinking of making a reverse "Switch." His Mac died and a friend recommended he get a Chromebook since he makes his business on the Internet. Leo says that Chromebooks are a good option, and the ChromeOS is the most secure operating system out there. If something goes wrong, the Powerwash feature would get him right back to where he started.

Can he really live without anything but a browser, though? Leo recommends trying to spend the week using only the browser on his computer. If he can, then a Chromebook is ideal for him. These days, he could get a Chromebook that works with Android apps. Put that together with the various Chrome extensions, and he'd have a powerful and affordable option.

Leo recommends getting a Chromebook with at least 8GB of RAM — 16GB would be better. He shouldn't go cheap on it. An i5 processor is really all the power he'll need as well. Leo likes the Samsung Chromebook Plus. It comes with a touchscreen and stylus, and folds over for tablet mode. Asus makes a similar model called the C302.