How can I create a touchscreen video table for gaming?

Episode 1404 (1:50:32)

Terry from Santa Rosa Beach, FL
CES 2012 - MWV touchscreen table

Terry wants to create a touchscreen gaming table. Leo says that Microsoft's idea with the Surface table was similar to that. But they were mostly for industrial and casino uses. Hardware is easy, but the difficulty always comes in the software.

The Microsoft Surface Studio will almost lie flat to a 17˚ angle. Then he could draw and sketch on that. It's not completely flat, though. It's also not cheap at $3,000. Wacom makes something similar, but it's also just as expensive. The easiest way be to get a 12.9" iPad Pro and do it that way.

He can also get a large 27" touchscreen monitor that he can mount to a table with a computer underneath. Dell makes them for around $500. Monoprice makes them for a good price as well. Intel's NUC computer would be great for this. It really comes down to how much he wants to spend and how much he wants to build.

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Photo by Doug Kline / Flickr, via CC-BY-2.0