Where should I buy a refurbished iPhone?

Episode 1403 (21:10)

James from San Francisco, CA
Apple iPhone 7

James wants to know if Gazelle offers reliable refurbished Apple devices and if it's worth it to buy from them. Leo says that he's used Gazelle, and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So it's worth buying from them as an alternative to the factory refurbished items from Apple itself. He should remember that he's still buying a used device, but it's certainly better than buying from eBay. If he buys from them, he should stress it for those 30 days. He should charge it, run it down to zero, and charge it again. He should do that several times to test the battery life. He should also look in the battery settings and he'll see the status of the battery.

The benefit to buying from Apple, though, is that most of the products there aren't really used. They're open box returns that can't be sold as new. So he'd get the same warranty, and a longer lifetime.

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