Should I wait to buy a Samsung Gear smartwatch?

Episode 1403 (1:48:55)

John from San Diego, CA
Samsung Gear S3

John's kids wants to get him a Samsung Gear S3. Is it worth getting now or should he wait? Leo says that he wears a Gear S3 and it's his favorite. It works with either iPhone or Android, but there aren't that many apps for it. What they do have work great, though. The bezel ring is easy to select screens as well, and battery life is fantastic. The watch also works with card readers for swipe to pay. He could just touch the watch to the card reader and it reads the watch like it's a credit card.

When will the S4 be coming out? Leo says he doesn't know, but he shouldn't wait for it. The Gear S3 is a great watch. Could he answer calls on the watch? If he carries his phone with him, he can.