Can I use an HD splitter with a 4K TV and a 1080i TV?

Episode 1403 (1:17:27)

Frank from Camanche, CA
Xbox One S

Frank recently got a 4K smart TV and he lives in a remote area. He has a limited amount of bandwidth per month, so streaming 4K content would quickly put him over his cap. Leo advises taking his TV off the internet and just use a UHD Blu-ray player. Then he can rent Blu-rays from Redbox or Netflix. Leo recommends the Xbox One S. It's a game console, but it also has a Blu-ray DVD player built-in for games.

Frank has an HD splitter to divide the cable to two different rooms, but it doesn't work with both his old 1080i TV and the new 4K TV. Leo says that the signal it's getting from the 4K is messing up the signal with the older TV, which can't handle the bandwidth. Leo recommends turning off both TVs, then turn on the older TV first and let it get the signal. Then try the new TV. If that works, he's good. If not, he may need two different boxes.