How can I sync my old phone to my new phone?

Episode 1403 (12:37)

Corey from Altadena, CA

Corey wants to be able to transfer his data from his old Android phone to his new one. Leo says that in current Android phones, he can bump them together and transfer the data via Bluetooth. It's really easy.

Leo recommends using Google services and the cloud to backup that data, though. That way he can go from phone to phone and never have to worry about transferring. It'll just populate with calendar and contacts after he signs into it on his email or calendar app. It's the same with photos on Google Photos. He'll just have to turn on the sync setting by default and it will copy all photos and videos when he is in range of a Wi-Fi signal. It may not work with his text messages, though. But if he's keeping his phone number, he'll still have them.