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Watch Corey from Altadena, CA Comments

Corey wants to be able to transfer his data from his old Android phone to his new one. Leo says that in current Android phones, he can bump them together and transfer the data via Bluetooth. It's really easy.

Leo recommends using Google services and the cloud to backup that data, though. That way he can go from phone to phone and never have to worry about transferring. It'll just populate with calendar and contacts after he signs into it on his email or calendar app. It's the same with photos on Google Photos. He'll just have to turn on the sync setting by default and it will copy all photos and videos when he is in range of a Wi-Fi signal. It may not work with his text messages, though. But if he's keeping his phone number, he'll still have them.

Watch James from San Francisco, CA Comments

James wants to know if Gazelle offers reliable refurbished Apple devices and if it's worth it to buy from them. Leo says that he's used Gazelle, and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So it's worth buying from them as an alternative to the factory refurbished items from Apple itself. He should remember that he's still buying a used device, but it's certainly better than buying from eBay. If he buys from them, he should stress it for those 30 days. He should charge it, run it down to zero, and charge it again. He should do that several times to test the battery life. He should also look in the battery settings and he'll see the status of the battery.

The benefit to buying from Apple, though, is that most of the products there aren't really used. They're open box returns that can't be sold as new. So he'd get the same warranty, and a longer lifetime.

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Watch Jason from Chino, CA Comments

Jason is looking for a good DVD player, but he's worried that his DVD player will be locked to the wrong region. Leo says that region coding was designed to prevent movies from being copied and shared around the world before the movies were released. The trend now is that movies get released worldwide now, so region coding is going to be gradually going away. He'll just have to be sure he doesn't get a used DVD player from another region. He won't want a PAL player in the US, for instance. He'll want NTSC. Or, he should make sure to get a multi region DVD player. Even better though, just get a Blu-ray player. Leo recommends Samsung.

Watch Harvey from Pahrump, NV Comments

Harvey wants to get a sound bar for his TV so that dialog will be easier to hear, but his TV doesn't have any analog output. Leo says that since HDTVs are all digital now, there's not much of a reason for manufacturers to put a digital to analog converter inside. The good news is that most sound bars have digital inputs. Harvey already got a J-Tech Digital to Analog Converter. Leo says he could use the output from that into a sound bar, but he'll run the risk of having lip sync issues because the conversion may cause a bit of a delay.

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Watch Sue from Visalia, CA Comments

Sue still uses RoboForm as her password manager. Is it still the best option? Leo says that it's the longest going, and still a great product. But it may not be ideal for her mobile device. No password vault is ideal because autofill is a kind of hack on mobile devices. But for a PC, it's great.

Sue is also frustrated because she gets emails with huge amounts of email addresses on it. Leo says that's because they're using CC. What they should be using is BCC so all she sees is her own email address. The other drag of CC is that every time someone replies to all by default, she'll get the reply whether she wants it or not.

Watch Sandra from Fullerton, CA Comments

Sandra hears that the lithium ion batteries in Tesla cars aren't recyclable and that Tesla simply dumps them in the ocean. Leo says that isn't accurate. They are recycling, but they can be difficult to recycle because if they're exposed to the air, the inside of the batteries can catch on fire. They are recyclable and it takes about a decade or two before they will be replaced. By then, the recycling technology will have improved as well.

Image By Tesla_Model_S_Indoors.jpg: jurvetson (Steve Jurvetson)derivative work: Mariordo (Mario R. Duran Ortiz) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Steven from Irvine, CA Comments

Steven used to own a Logitech Harmony universal remote. He had his living room and bedroom linked so he could use the same players, but that was too much for the remote to handle. Is there an alternative? He's been using a program called RTI, but it requires a programmer. Leo advises the Harmony Hub. For $100, he can link rooms. It controls infrared everywhere. He can also link his Amazon Echo to it.

The chatroom recommends AnyMote. It's a bit more expensive, but it looks like the same concept. Steven should go with the Harmony Hub. They've been in the business forever and they have an extensive database for different products.

Watch Frank from Camanche, CA Comments

Frank recently got a 4K smart TV and he lives in a remote area. He has a limited amount of bandwidth per month, so streaming 4K content would quickly put him over his cap. Leo advises taking his TV off the internet and just use a UHD Blu-ray player. Then he can rent Blu-rays from Redbox or Netflix. Leo recommends the Xbox One S. It's a game console, but it also has a Blu-ray DVD player built-in for games.

Frank has an HD splitter to divide the cable to two different rooms, but it doesn't work with both his old 1080i TV and the new 4K TV. Leo says that the signal it's getting from the 4K is messing up the signal with the older TV, which can't handle the bandwidth. Leo recommends turning off both TVs, then turn on the older TV first and let it get the signal. Then try the new TV. If that works, he's good. If not, he may need two different boxes.

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Watch Rick from San Diego, CA Comments

Rick has discovered that people are logging into his Facebook account without his knowledge or consent. Leo says he should change his password immediately and turn on 2-factor authentication. It will prevent another computer from logging into his account, even if they have the password. Facebook also stores a cookie in the browser that will enable him to open Facebook without logging in. So he shouldn't use Facebook on a public computer.

Doctor Mom says that Facebook will let you use a one time password if you text "OTP" to Facebook. They'll send you a one time password. He can use that for when he's in a public area.

Watch Kathy from Pasadena, CA Comments

Kathy has a MacBook Air and she spends a lot of time on it. Lately she's been experiencing pain in her neck and back. Leo says that's likely because Kathy has been hunched over while using it. What she needs is an ergonomist to take a look at her habits. Also raising the keyboard and computer screen can help. The screen should be as close to eye level as she can. A laptop stand can help.

Leo uses the VARIDESK at TWiT, and they have models that go on top of an existing desk. It can be compacted down when not in use, but she could easily raise it up. She could also get a standing desk, like the UpDesk.

Watch John from San Diego, CA Comments

John's kids wants to get him a Samsung Gear S3. Is it worth getting now or should he wait? Leo says that he wears a Gear S3 and it's his favorite. It works with either iPhone or Android, but there aren't that many apps for it. What they do have work great, though. The bezel ring is easy to select screens as well, and battery life is fantastic. The watch also works with card readers for swipe to pay. He could just touch the watch to the card reader and it reads the watch like it's a credit card.

When will the S4 be coming out? Leo says he doesn't know, but he shouldn't wait for it. The Gear S3 is a great watch. Could he answer calls on the watch? If he carries his phone with him, he can.

Watch Doctor Mom from New York, NY Comments

Doctor Mom says her husband is a stamp collector and he has to put up pictures of his stamps. His old laser printer is dying and she needs a new one that can run heavy card stock at 11x14. Leo says an inkjet printer is a better option with photo paper. Leo says that Epson makes a good printer that can handle card stock. The WorkForce 7620 printers can handle 11x17 as well. Another good option is the Canon Pixma. It's photo accurate. The chatroom suggests the Brother LaserJet MFC-9330CDW.

Doctor Mom also says that the Harmony Hub is a great product, but they don't play well with mesh networks. Leo says that is a common problem with internet of things and mesh networks and Leo suspects that is an optimization thing that will be fixed sooner or later.

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Watch Steve from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Steve's microSD card on his mobile phone has maxed out. It then overwrote a few files and now he can't read the disc. What can he do to recover the data? Leo recommends Recuva. The card may have just died on him, though.