Why is my Echo Dot having trouble connecting?

Episode 1402 (36:23)

Keith from Orange County CA
Amazon Echo Dot

Keith isn't thrilled that Amazon has lowered the manufacturer's warranty on the Amazon Echo to 90 days. Leo says it doesn't bother him. He's had several of them and none have failed. But Keith has had two Dots fail so far. He's frustrated because it tends to be very promiscuous in connecting to his wireless speakers, knocking his other devices off. Leo says that's likely more a problem of Bluetooth, and not the Dot itself. He's also having issues with Drop In. Leo says he hasn't heard of any problems with Drop In and it could just be a bad model or software glitch on his Dot.

Leo also says that the issue may be that his Echo account has to be tied to his cell phone. If his cell phone isn't tied to it, then he can't Drop In. Keith should check out this page at amazon.com for more information.

The chatroom says that the new Dot isn't as good as the original Echo Dot. Leo says he agrees with one review that Amazon should just give them away.