What's the best sound bar?

Episode 1402 (1:55:35)

Vin from Corona, CA
Vizio Smart Cast Sound Bar

Vin wants to know if Bose makes a good sound bar for home theater. Leo says the benefit of Bose is that it has a wireless subwoofer. It sounds great, but he'll pay for it. It will also have to simulate surround sound, which will never be as good as a real home theater system. If he has a space challenge, a sound bar is a good alternative.

Bose is way overpriced for what you get, though, even though they do a very good job. A good alternative is Pioneer. Scott Wilkinson recommends the Vizio Smart Cast. $250. Then there's the Yamaha YAS 106. So for 1/10th the price, he can get all the performance.