Is there a good time lapse app for my camera?

Episode 1402 (59:20)

Mark from Yorba Linda, CA
Microsoft Hyperlapse

Mark wants to do some time lapse photography and wants to know if there's software that he can program his Canon T6 with. Leo says that Canon has a smartphone app that could work, but he'll have to connect his camera to it via Wi-Fi. Then he'll have to see if it will combine all the images. Mark says it doesn't. is another one.

Leo has used Quicktime to do it. It allows him to open a folder and then turn all the stills to a movie and export them. In the Microsoft Store, there's a free app called Hyperlapse. Leo uses the app on the iPhone and it works great. The benefit is it allows him to stabilize the images as well. It's easily the best app on the market for time lapse photography.