Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1402 (1:24:03)

Johnny Jet

Website of the week: This gets you free airport parking and 70% off rental cars at the airport. How does it work? You leave your car with them, and then they rent your car while you're gone. It's great for a second hand car. Comes with $1 million of liability insurance. For people who travel a lot, this is a bargain because a lot of times, it doesn't get rented. And you get paid for every mile driven. It just launched at LAX. There are apps on iOS and Android.

Waze announced a carpool feature this week. It's a free ride where you just chip in for gas. Uber and Lyft also have paid carpooling.

App of the week: Bands In Town. If you're traveling somewhere, you can find out what bands are playing in the town you're at. It'll also learn your music tastes and notify you when your favorite bands are in town.