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Watch Jay from Providence, RI Comments

Jay wants to get a new tablet with LTE. What should he get? Leo says it's hard to beat the iPad. And if he's going to spend that much on a tablet, he's better off with the iPad Pro because it's as powerful as a laptop. If that's outside of his budget, Samsung makes a good one and Leo recommends going to the carrier to get it. That way he can get a subsidized price.

Apple has a universal SIM built into theirs and he could switch carriers at will. But he should remember, adding LTE to the tablet will cost an additional $150. Can he make phone calls with it? He could with a VOiP app like Google Voice or Tango.

Watch Keith from Orange County CA Comments

Keith isn't thrilled that Amazon has lowered the manufacturer's warranty on the Amazon Echo to 90 days. Leo says it doesn't bother him. He's had several of them and none have failed. But Keith has had two Dots fail so far. He's frustrated because it tends to be very promiscuous in connecting to his wireless speakers, knocking his other devices off. Leo says that's likely more a problem of Bluetooth, and not the Dot itself. He's also having issues with Drop In. Leo says he hasn't heard of any problems with Drop In and it could just be a bad model or software glitch on his Dot.

Leo also says that the issue may be that his Echo account has to be tied to his cell phone. If his cell phone isn't tied to it, then he can't Drop In. Keith should check out this page at for more information.

The chatroom says that the new Dot isn't as good as the original Echo Dot. Leo says he agrees with one review that Amazon should just give them away.

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Watch Mark from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Mark wants to do some time lapse photography and wants to know if there's software that he can program his Canon T6 with. Leo says that Canon has a smartphone app that could work, but he'll have to connect his camera to it via Wi-Fi. Then he'll have to see if it will combine all the images. Mark says it doesn't. is another one.

Leo has used Quicktime to do it. It allows him to open a folder and then turn all the stills to a movie and export them. In the Microsoft Store, there's a free app called Hyperlapse. Leo uses the app on the iPhone and it works great. The benefit is it allows him to stabilize the images as well. It's easily the best app on the market for time lapse photography.

Watch Scott from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Scott would like to replace his old scanner. Leo recommends the Epson Perfection Scanner.

He also wants to scan some old home movies, but he doesn't want them burned to DVD. Leo says that it's still digitizing and he can then rip it. It would be standard definition, though. Dazzle made video converters for years that were the easiest.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Shannon from Wayne, NE Comments

Shannon is having issues with his neighbors getting a lot of robocalls from his number. Leo says that's called Neighbor Spamming and it's illegal. They can easily spoof his phone number in the caller ID to do it. But since it's done from overseas, there's no real way to stop it legally. The only saving grace is that it will move on to another number eventually.

Watch Craig from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Craig wants to know what photos app to use for his camera? Leo says that he likes Google Photos because it will do an automatic sync backup of all his photos every day. The problem is that his phone has its own photo app as well and so he'll end up with more than one copy of a photo, and it's hard to organize them that way. And it won't pick up where he left off. Apple's Photos app does. But Android phones don't have that capability and neither does Google Photos.

Watch Chris from Burbank, CA Comments

Chris has a DVR with a lot of programs on it. Can he back them up before he changes companies? Leo says no. The programming is heavily encrypted because of copy protection. The only real way he can do it is by exploiting the analog hole. If his DVR has an analog connection, he can put a VCR in between the DVR and the TV connection. But he'll be recording in real time and it won't be in HD.

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Watch Kathy from Tustin, CA Comments

Kathy wants a new computer with a built-in CD drive. Leo says that they're getting fewer and farther between, and both Microsoft and Apple have stopped making them. Dell's Inspiron has one, and Acer and Asus both have it. Is Costco a good place to buy them? Leo says that the advantage of Costco is both their return policy and their extended warranty. But they may be discontinued models as well. So she'll want to be sure that isn't the case.

Could she get a good deal on Amazon on Prime Day? Leo says yes. There's a very good chance she can get a deal, but she won't know what's going to go on sale or when, so she'll have to keep an eye on it. It starts Monday night, July 10th at 6pm. She can check out for more details.

How much? Probably between $500 and $1000. What kind of storage space should she consider? Leo says at least a terabyte. They tend to be slower, though, so Leo recommends getting one with an SSD and then use an external spinning drive that she can connect to for storage.

Watch Vin from Corona, CA Comments

Vin wants to know if Bose makes a good sound bar for home theater. Leo says the benefit of Bose is that it has a wireless subwoofer. It sounds great, but he'll pay for it. It will also have to simulate surround sound, which will never be as good as a real home theater system. If he has a space challenge, a sound bar is a good alternative.

Bose is way overpriced for what you get, though, even though they do a very good job. A good alternative is Pioneer. Scott Wilkinson recommends the Vizio Smart Cast. $250. Then there's the Yamaha YAS 106. So for 1/10th the price, he can get all the performance.

Watch Paul from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Paul is going to college to study mechanical engineering and he needs a good laptop that can handle the work load. Leo says ideally, he'll get more bang for his buck with a PC. He'll also get more choices. Also, it's always best to check with the college or university for what they prefer. They may require more powerful hardware and specific software. He'll also want an SSD because it'll boot up faster.

Leo likes the Dell XPS line. The XPS 15 would be perfect. It has very good battery life, and it'll run Linux really well. It comes with 256 GB SSD minimum and 8GB RAM. Lenovo is another good alternative with the ThinkPad line. Acer and Asus offer more budget oriented options with the same performance. Even HP is making great computers right now.

Watch Monica from San Clemente, CA Comments

Monica bought an Acer Chromebook and she loves it. How can she print, though? Leo says that Google Cloud Print is the way to go. She'll just have to have a cloud print capable printer. With Google Cloud Print, she'll be able to print from any device wherever she is located.

Most printers nowadays are Wi-Fi capable, and many of them also support Apple's AirPrint and Google's Cloud Print. AirPrint and Cloud Print are separate from the printer having wireless capabilities, though, so when buying a printer it's good to check that it can do those things.

Monica's Chromebook will need to be online to take advantage of Cloud Print. When she wants to print, the computer will actually be communicating to Google through her Google account in the cloud. Google will then pass along the print job to the printer. She'll need to find the Cloud Print settings on her printer and sign into her account from the printer. Then she'll need to log into her Google account on her Chromebook and find Google Cloud Print in her settings and then select "Add this printer."

When she goes to her Cloud Print settings, she does see her printer there, but it still doesn't work. She's using a Canon MG6300 printer. She just has to make sure it's set up correctly in the printer. Monica can consult this page at with more information.