How do I make room on my hard drive?

Episode 1401 (13:38)

David from Vacaville, CA

David's hard drive is filled and he used WinDirStat to see what's filling it up. He sees that there's 25GB of "installer" files. Can he get rid of those? Leo says he suspects that those files are hot fixes for Windows and he can't really delete them because it could make his system vulnerable. Leo suggests running Windows' Disk Cleanup Utility. It's not too aggressive and will clean out temp files, download files, etc. Just press the Windows key and type "Disk." Another thing to look for is previous Windows installations. If he has upgraded Windows, there may be old versions titled "Windows.old."

David could delete the hot fixes, reboot, and then immediately run Windows Update to download the fixes he absolutely needs. He should make sure that he doesn't delete anything in Windows.sxs. Those are files he'll need for the Windows installation. He should make sure he has a recovery disk or disk image before he does anything, though.

Leo says it sounds like it's time to get a new hard drive, and they are bigger and cheaper than ever.