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Episode 1401 July 2, 2017

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch David from Vacaville, CA Comments

David's hard drive is filled and he used WinDirStat to see what's filling it up. He sees that there's 25GB of "installer" files. Can he get rid of those? Leo says he suspects that those files are hot fixes for Windows and he can't really delete them because it could make his system vulnerable. Leo suggests running Windows' Disk Cleanup Utility. It's not too aggressive and will clean out temp files, download files, etc. Just press the Windows key and type "Disk." Another thing to look for is previous Windows installations. If he has upgraded Windows, there may be old versions titled "Windows.old."

David could delete the hot fixes, reboot, and then immediately run Windows Update to download the fixes he absolutely needs. He should make sure that he doesn't delete anything in Windows.sxs. Those are files he'll need for the Windows installation. He should make sure he has a recovery disk or disk image before he does anything, though.

Leo says it sounds like it's time to get a new hard drive, and they are bigger and cheaper than ever.

Watch Ashley from Newport, CA Comments

Ashley's having problems with her refurbished iPad, so Leo advises resetting it. To do that, she'll need to press and hold the on/off switch and home button at the same time until she sees the Apple logo. Another option is a DFU reset. She'll have to plug in her iPad to the computer, open iTunes, then turn if off, and press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds. Then she'll add the Home button for another 10 seconds. This will reset the firmware. If she sees the Apple logo, she'll have to start over.

Find all of the steps for DFU mode here. If she reloads the firmware and still has issues, then it's time to go to Apple and talk to a genius.

Watch Carol from Dana Point, CA Comments

Carol's computer monitor died, and she bought a new one. Now she has a screen that says "Welcome to your new computer" and her settings have vanished. After running a restore point, she got it back to normal, and the same thing happened the next day. Leo says that the her Windows profile may have gotten corrupted, which can happen. Carol can find instructions on how to fix a corrupted profile at The best way to fix it is to reinstall Windows, though.

Another thing she can do is create a new profile and make it an Administrator and then manage her other profile from there. It could also be a faulty hard drive causing the issue.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Thomas from Ohio Comments

Thomas is going to college this fall, studying computer science. He wants to get a new laptop to supplement his desktop at school. Should he buy a MacBook Pro? Leo says that he should and the reason is that Macs are built on the Linux kernel, making it ideal for computer programming. Before he buys anything, though, he should call the school and talk to the head of the Computer Science department and ask their recommendations. Worst case scenario, he can buy the Mac and then install Windows or Linux on it. The downside is that they are more expensive. A $1200 MacBook Pro with an i5 would work, though. He can always go with an Apple certified refurbished model to save a little money.

Watch Amy from Owings Mills, MD Comments

Amy's daughter is going to college and wants to get a Surface Book. Leo says he's not a fan of the Surface Book because it's pretty top heavy and ungainly. But if she likes the concept, Leo recommends the Surface Pro, which is more of a tablet with a detachable keyboard.

A two-in-one like the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga (2nd Generation) includes a stylus for note taking. HP, Asus, and Acer all make two-in-ones as well.

Watch Peter from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Peter bought a new iMac, but when it goes to sleep, it can't wake up his two other 5K displays. Leo says he has the same problem. Sometimes he logs out and logs back in and that works, other times he unplugs it and plugs it back in. What's happening is that the monitor isn't sensing the signal and it won't wake up without it.

The chatroom says that there's a discussion about it here at That may be one to keep an eye on for a fix. The main culprit may be HDMI, as it's famous for that problem. Peter uses Thunderbolt, though.

Watch Don from Culver City, CA Comments

Don dropped his laptop and the screen broke. He was thinking about buying a 20" monitor and plugging it in. Leo says he can do that, but he could also look on eBay and see if he can find the same model for cheap and have the screen swapped out. Absent that, turning it into a desktop replacement by plugging in a high resolution monitor is a good option.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Robert from Palo Alto, CA Comments

Robert wants to know if his new Samsung mobile phone will support Wi-Fi calling. Leo says that all phones do these days, but the real issue is, does the carrier? Sprint is his carrier and they say they support it on the iPhone as well as most Android phones. So Robert should look in his Wi-Fi settings and see if it's enabled. It'll be under advanced features.

Watch Andrea from Long Beach, CA Comments

Andrea's mother has problems remembering her passwords. What's the best way to do it? Leo says we all have a problem remembering them, and if it's easy to remember, there's a good chance it will be easily cracked. She'll want her password to be difficult, but by extension, that makes them difficult to remember. Writing them down isn't a bad idea as long as nobody has access to them. A password vault would be a good idea, where she would let the software generate all of her passwords and all she needs to remember is the master password.

LastPass is the one Leo uses. Other options include 1Password, KeePass, and Roboform. Leo suggests taking the first letter of each word in a song, then toss in a few numbers or a pneumonic.

Watch Doug from Belmont, CA Comments

Doug is starting a video business and he's looking at video editing options. He's thinking about the Asus ZenBook. Leo says that's a nice notebook and he can load it up with RAM. He recommends 8GB minimum, but 16GB is even better. He'll want a solid state hard drive as well. Leo also recommends upgrading to a discrete Nvidia card. It'll have more cache for rendering. A desktop is going to give him more bang for the buck, and they're upgradable.

Watch Mark from Arcadia, CA Comments

Mark keeps hearing that Windows 10 isn't as secure and that there's privacy issues. Is Microsoft snooping on us in Windows? Leo says that Windows 10 has telemetry features which calls home and provides engineers with data so they can fine tune the OS, but his data is more than secure.

Watch Jimmy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jimmy wants to build a website for his organization. What's the best way to do it? Leo says that he uses It's easy to use, and would enable him to have a blog. SquareSpace is another, which offers dynamic page templates that are very current and trendy. It's great all-in-one web software. Those are the best two and they offer free trials. WordPress also has a business tier.

There are also non profit services, so Jimmy should look around.

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